Melbourne Laneway - hiding great pubs and bars

Travellers and locals to Melbourne may be surprised to know that in Melbourne CBD there are over 200 pubs, clubs and bars. Over 200 pubs and bars and this does not include Docklands or Southbank, both of which are an easy walk or taxi ride from the CBD.

So this presents a problem when visiting Melbourne for just a few days, just where should you go for a night out with your loved one or friends?


Over 200 pubs and bars in Melbourne CBD

Best Melbourne Pubs and BarsMelbourne is a great place to visit, but if you are the for a weekend or on business, you don’t have time to plod from bar-to-bar trying to find one with that just right ambience. For business travelers you may want to take your clients out for a pre-meal drink and want to impress them. Yes you can spend hours surfing the net, but then who really wants to waste time trawling through 250 different websites before going out?

The answer lies in a new handy app for the iPhone – Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars. Launched in February 2012 at an introductory price of just $2.99, this app will guide you to around 250 pubs and bars in Melbourne CBD environs. Unlike other apps available, Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars includes all pubs and bars, so no matter what you a looking for, it is all in your pocket. The app includes up to 3 photos of most bars showing the interior, so you can judge for yourself just what atmosphere you can expect. If you are looking for a great bar to watch sport with your mates, a gentlemen’s lounge or a seductive cocktail lounge to impress a first date, the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars iPhone app has them all.


Act before the price rise!

The extensive research which is on-going is not something you can expect in a free app. With Google navigation, offline maps for those with no data connection, “Like” options and the ability to bookmark places you have been, this app has a lot of quality content. At $2.99 as an introductory price, Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars is excellent value for money.



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