Blimey It’s almost Christmas

On November 15, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

Maybe that should be Crickey! But the feeling is still the same, Christmas is only just over 5 weeks away!

Yes Christmas is only 5 weeks away!!


If you have not organised your Christmas party, then perhaps you had better start thinking about it. And what could be better for a Christmas get together, than wandering through Melbourne and enjoying some of its great bars. For blokes a walk through the city streets is a mic way to “get some air” as it is often referred to (sober up a little!). But for girls, particularly those with lovely high heels, wandering through Melbourne’s back streets can be a little bit awkward – if not actually dangerous.

So where are the best places to have a Christmas party inMelbourne?

There is no simple answer as we like different things. Some may say Crown Casino is a great spot, although it’s not a good place to socialise (they only want your cash!) so selecting a nice pub or bar is better.  One of the small bars we rather like is Highlander, located in Highlander Lane (down the Aquarium end of town). This is a nice seductive bar and last time we were in town they were planning a roof top bar.

Over in Docklands the Woolshed is a big barn of a pub, but it’s pretty cool and makes a great spot for a larger crowd. The nightclub Alumbra is close by too, so a great option to keep things going into the wee small hours.

Finally, if you want to impress the girls in the office take them down to Madame Brussels. This is a great rooftop bar with a classy atmosphere and a more elegant setting.


You can find all these and over 250 more in the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app for iPhone.



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