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It is that time of year again when the Guinness taps get a thorough workout. St Patricks day has los

t its original meaning and is now a day to celebrate and adore all things Irish. From just wearing a green clover to filling the local river with green paint. Anything and everything can happen on St Patricks day. But most importantly, it’s a time to celebrate with a few Irish beers.

There is a new place just outside of the CBD that heralds itself to all things Irish, The Last Jar.

Every year on March 17, the Irish and Irish-at-heart come together across the globe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. What started as a religious holiday for the patron saint of Ireland has since become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with drinking, dancing and a whole lot of green.

So with this in mind, how about an Irish pub that has set out in pursuit of a real Irish St Patricks Day experience. No run-of-the-mill St Paddy’s Day clichés – theyare after a traditional Irish celebration; Guinness, Irish grub, live music and of course Guinness.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.12.05 pmWhat better way to kick off the day (and line the stomach) than with a full Irish Breakfast. Irish-owned and operated Gastropub, The Last Jar offers a full traditional Irish breakfast created by exec chef, Tim Sweeney who trained at a number of Michelin star restaurants across the UK and Ireland. With all the food made in house – from the dark soda bread to the freshly churned butter, a plate of bacon, eggs, sausage and black & white pudding it will give you the energy to raise that glass of Guinness all day.

Stick around at The Last Jar for an evening of live music, featuring local Melbourne band Streams of Whiskey and Galway Gyp-Hop band The Latchikos taking centre stage from 6pm.

The Last Jar

The last jar-0210

Monday, 17 March 2014. Full Irish Brekky from 11:30 am onward
Live music including bands Streams of Whiskey and The Latchikos from 6:00 pm onward
Address: 616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000
Head Chef: Tim Sweeney
Phone: 03 9348 2957

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Another Year Over

On January 2, 2014, in CBD, by Jonno

In the words of John Lennon, it’s another year over and a new one just begun. Welcome to 2014!

The hangover should have cleared up by now, I know our household was pretty quiet on New Year’s Day with a few sleep ins and no real enthusiasm for more alcohol! But all that will change tomorrow, the first Friday of 2014. Being Friday it is traditional to go for a post work beer. Many are not working this week, but spare a thought for those champions continuing to run the country while we are all taking a break. OK, if its anything like when I was younger, the work environment around Christmas and new year was rather relaxed and quiet. Anyway, beer on Friday, if you are not too busy! then an early start might be in order.

And where can be better for a Friday afternoon beer than on the rooftop of Campari, Hardware Lane. This is a top spot with great views over the roof tops and a chilled out atmosphere. Their nice selection of beers and cocktails should be enough to please most people and for those wanting something a little more after, there is a great selection of restaurants further up the lane.


bah humbug again

On January 2, 2014, in CBD, by Jonno

Looking at the Calender on the wall it is hard to believe how quickly the year has gone. It’s just four weeks until Christmas and we are not ready. Well, to be honest we have never been ready and who really is? But of course the time of year does means going out for drinks and Melbourne has a lot of great venues to visit.

As Christmas falls in summer here (much to the disgust of the Poms) some of the best places to visit are outdoors. down on the banks of the Yarra River there is now a nice selection of pubs and bars. A great evening can be head starting off at the Riverside bar just over the road from Flinders Street station. Set on the banks of the river with granite steps up to the actual bar, the added end height give some nice aspects of the water. Follow the river downstream keeping to the city side and you’ll pass under the traffic bridge and be on the river side of flinders street station. Ahead you’ll see a footbridge crossing the river and on this bridge you will find the very nice Pony Fish Island.

Pony Fish Island is located on one of the bridge piers and is a narrow bar, but is right on the water. This is a great spot to pick up a cooling breeze off the river on a hot summers night. The bars has a younger feel and the stairs tend to keep the oldies away! Crossing the river to Southbank, there are a multiple of bars and cafes. Most of these venues are restaurants with bars and so often you may feel as though you should be having a meal. One of the more popular bars here is World (received quite a few “likes” in Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars).

If restaurant orientated bars is not what you fancy, then keep walking downstream and you’ll come across the Pop-Up bar. As its name suggests, this is not a permanent fixture and the bar expands on to the promenade of Southbank for the summer. With fake grass and a selection of seating, this is an odd bar, but one that is well worth the wander.

Further downstream you will find the Boatbuilders Yard, which is more of a pub style venue. We were not that impressed by this bar when we visited and even through it is nicely located on the edge of the river, it have few likes in Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars. Interestingly the most popular pub in this location is PJ O’Briens. Having often frequented this Irish pub, We can see why. The manager we met was gorgeous and charming and if her professional attitude extends to the staff, then the service will be excellent and the beer, well, the Irish are known for it – we don’t need to say anymore!

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A night out in St Kilda at 29th Apartment

On November 20, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

A new bar has recently opened in St Kilda, called 29th Apartment (re-opened actually). It’s a strange name for a bar, but then we hear it’s a little stranger inside!

It is said that the building once belonged to perhaps St Kilda’s First Lady, Katishe, a lady of no fine repute, but is said to have been the benefactor of many a lonely man (or they were the benefactor!). She is said to have left for New York and the bar is adorned with paintings she made of the city. The decor boasts New York landscapes and a comfy lounge room with an array of games. A raised “fire escape” and Katishe’s bedroom (complete with a NY style bed that folds away to reveal a fireplace and mantle), a bathroom, a bus stop, booth seating outside a hotel and a graffiti-filled dodgy alleyway. There is also a fish tank containing a rather intimate toy, discovered by owners along with Katishe’s self portrait when they bought the space in 2009.

It sounds like a very eclectic mix of styles and the images of the opening do look good. We missed the opening party, but definitely have this bar on our list as “one to visit” next time we hit Melbourne.

The bar provides hot meals, chilled drinks and will be playing your favourite song (OK, this could be subjective!) at 29 Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda, 3182.


Blimey It’s almost Christmas

On November 15, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

Maybe that should be Crickey! But the feeling is still the same, Christmas is only just over 5 weeks away!

Yes Christmas is only 5 weeks away!!


If you have not organised your Christmas party, then perhaps you had better start thinking about it. And what could be better for a Christmas get together, than wandering through Melbourne and enjoying some of its great bars. For blokes a walk through the city streets is a mic way to “get some air” as it is often referred to (sober up a little!). But for girls, particularly those with lovely high heels, wandering through Melbourne’s back streets can be a little bit awkward – if not actually dangerous.

So where are the best places to have a Christmas party inMelbourne?

There is no simple answer as we like different things. Some may say Crown Casino is a great spot, although it’s not a good place to socialise (they only want your cash!) so selecting a nice pub or bar is better.  One of the small bars we rather like is Highlander, located in Highlander Lane (down the Aquarium end of town). This is a nice seductive bar and last time we were in town they were planning a roof top bar.

Over in Docklands the Woolshed is a big barn of a pub, but it’s pretty cool and makes a great spot for a larger crowd. The nightclub Alumbra is close by too, so a great option to keep things going into the wee small hours.

Finally, if you want to impress the girls in the office take them down to Madame Brussels. This is a great rooftop bar with a classy atmosphere and a more elegant setting.


You can find all these and over 250 more in the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app for iPhone.



Other locations

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Melbourne Cup and a great night out

On October 28, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

Horses at the Melbourne CupIt’s that time of year again, the race that stops a nation is on. Melbourne Cup is Australia’s premier horse racing carnival and attracts a high gathering both on and off track. Unlike many horse racing tracks around the world, Flemington is very easy to reach from the CBD of Melbourne and so makes a fabulous day out for any visitor. If you are in Melbourne during the cup, then you will experience an erie calm over the CBD whilst that race is being run. Indeed you might find the same in every Australia capital city (except Canberra, which has that erie silence at most times).

Melbourne cup mayhem

Everything you want to know about Melbourne Cup

Once all the racing is over, then you’ll probably fancy having a few nice drinks and Melbourne CBD has some great options. Here is our pick for post Melbourne Cup drinks.


Located a short stroll from Parliament is the lovely rooftop bar of Siglo. This can be a little hard to find as its entry is a doorway and often you can walk straight past! (Our app will show you exactly where it is). Siglo has an airs of exclusivity about it and with table service it is not for those on a budget. This is an excellent location to grab a nice bottle of wine (their list is very good) sit back and enjoy the ambience.

79 Madame Brussels  (3)Madame Brussels

also a short stroll from Parliamemt is another rather hard rooftop bar to find. Madame Brussellscould be considered as a Melbourne institution as whilst it may be hard to find! it is rarely empty! There is an eclectic mix of style here which we can only describe as French provincial meets Wimbledon. They provide a nice range of drinks, including some nice boutique bottled beers. This is. To the sort of place you’ll want to rock in scruffy jeans to!

Carlton Hotel.

One of the more popular pubs in Melbourne located to the east of the CBD. the Carlton extends over a few floors and has a plush bar with smoking terrace over the street. Up a few flights and you will reach the rooftop bar, great on a warm balmy evening. This is a great all-round pub with a casual vibe.

Gorgeous rooftop bat in the heart of Melbourne's CBD


Located in hardware lane,Campari is three floors of dining and imbibing. Head straight to the rooftop bar for a great vibe and a few rooftop views. with a nice choice of beer on tap this is a more casual bar and is a great all-rounder.

You can all of these bars, plus a few hundred more in our Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app on the iPhone.




Your personal bar guide, essential for any stay in Melbourne’s CBD.




Will the Fremantle Dockers beat Hawthorn?

On September 27, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

Who would have believed that the under dog team form Western Australia, the Fremantle Dockers, would be taking on the mighty Hawks in this years AFL grand final?

Western Australia is purple. There are Dockers banners strewn from major buildings, the streets are painted purple and half the population are wearing purple. It is a momentous occasion for WA to have the Dockers in the AFL grand final. Already have the fans have descended on Melbourne and the pubs will be awash with the purple haze.


But can the Dockers beat the Hawks?


Fremantle Dockers Hawthorn







Hawthorn is an established Melbourne team and has won 10 grand finals (although some were VFL – which doesn’t count nowadays) and you can bet they will be hungry for number 11!


Where ever you are, this looks to be one of the most exciting final in years. What a great reason to settle in to a great pub and have a few coldies whilst cheering on your side.



Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars App now on iOS 7

On September 20, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

With a few changes, the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app for iPhone has been updated for iOS 7.

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AFL Finals are almost here

On August 25, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

The footy seasons is getting the the very pointy end of the competition and with just a few rounds left, the top spots could be strongly contested. And what better way to enjoy the end of winter than with a weekend in Melbourne catching a few footy games.

 Dukes Hotel reopens

The great news is, that the Dukes Hotel on the corner of Exhibition Street and Flinders Street has reopened. Sadly on our footy trip we actually missed this bar which is so handy for the MCG and Rod Laver Arena. The bar has a more functional feel to it with a clean and contemporary finish. Large TV’s in the front bar make a great spot to watch the game (if you cannot get a ticket). With a healthy selection of beers, including a few craft beers on tap, this is a great additional to the Melbourne’s bar scene. To the back is what might be called a lounge bar. It’s a little nicer in decoration and accesses an alfresco area fronting Exhibition Street. Again there is a great selection of beers on tap, so the Duke can cater for the more discerning beer drinker as well as locals. Being close to the MCG you can expect that the Duke will become a popular pre and post game pub. They plan to open a restaurant upstairs away from the crowds and the noise, so that will also be worth looking into next time we are in town.

Like an old friend coming home

Like an old friend coming home


A few bars have also closed and will be removed from our app in the next update. The odd bar Maitai has closed, but was never a nice place anyway. A bit too clinical for our liking and the owner was a bit strange too! No great loss as far as we are concerned.


New Melbourne Bars


If you know of a new bar that has opened or is due to open, drop us a line at or use the contact us feature in the app.

Yes it’s Good Beer Week in Melbourne and to celebrate we have discounted Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars to just 99c.



18 – 26 MAY 2013

If the price is not shown as 99c – go to our Home Page and email us and let us know.