Melbourne bars at Perth prices

On January 11, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

$10 for a pint of beer!

Mountain Goat

Not much change from $10

Well it had to happen, after the news last year of the high cost of beer in Western Australia, beer prices in Melbourne have risen to meet the challenge. The shock of the press when a pint in Perth was $10 was ” there is no way we can charge that here”. Well, now their moral indignation has been silenced with bottles of beer in most Melbourne CBD pubs selling for $9:50.  OK these are boutique beers such as Mountain Goat and White Rabbit, suggesting that a beer with an animal name commands a higher price.


Strangely its all gone quiet on the price front with no outrage of $10 for a pint. Sadly this is now the norm and some of the mass produced beers are also getting up there. Somehow, if a boutique beer has a cuddly name, then you don’t feel quite so bad at paying a higher price. So one has to wonder how much people would pay for a Fursty Ferret, an Old Badger or even a pint of Arrogant Bastard. I kid you not, these beers do exist in the UK (and are available in very boutique bottle shops here, if Dan Murphy’s actually qualifies as boutique).


Will Dan Murphy’s replace our beloved pubs??


Is this Australia most expensive pub?

Is this Australia most expensive pub?

So how much will a pint rise to? Well we understand that Perth leads the way in expensive beer, thanks to all the flouro’s with money to burn. One ocean front pub in Hillary’s boat harbour was charging $14 for a normal pint and $18 for a boutique pint. Sadly the cost of a pint is becoming beyond the reach of most ordinary workers and many are now resigned to drink at home with a carton from the bottle shop.

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