A visit to Melbourne – arguably Australia’s trendiest city – is not complete without sampling a few of its interesting and hidden bars and pubs. The Best Melbourne Pubs & Bars iPhone app in iTunes guides you to almost 250 pubs and bars in the central business district (CBD) and Docklands. The app also shows you which are the best of the 250 or so venues listed, the ones we think you should invest your time in!

Here is what some people are saying about the Melbourne Pubs & Bars iPhone app so far:

How to find the best bars in Melbourne Australia with an iPhone“Hey Guys – very happy with this app! Handy to keep up with all the new bars that constantly pop up in Melbourne. Particularly good for mates visiting town as so many of our cool bars are tucked away in our laneways and not easy to find. I hear plenty of stories of visitors who ‘don’t get’ Melbourne..but that’s because much of our night culture is in the many laneways and side streets of the city. This app is made for Melbourne! Big Thnx from me.” – Paul Mogford

Download the Best Melbourne Pubs & Bars iPhone app in the Apple App Store Now!

The iPhone app features:
  • Details on each venue (picture, address, phone, website, our comments about that venue, nearest station, opening hours)
  • One – three photographs of each venue
  • Offline maps (in case you don’t want to use roaming data on your phone)
  • A “Like” feature so you can rate each venue you visit and see how many others like it too
  • Send venue details to a friend via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS – great for letting your friends know where you are
  • List venues, and show on a Google map by:
    • “Our Picks”
    • “Most Popular (by Likes)”
    • “Has rooftop/outdoor area”
    • “Open on Sunday’s” (vey handy when in the CBD, some are not open for your Sunday session!)
    • “Venues I’ve been to”
    • “Venues I haven’t been to”
  • Browse all venues by name, station or street
  • “Find nearest favourite venue” using GPS
Here are some screen shots of the app:
App for best Melbourne pubs and bars
Start screen
Great Melbourne bars and pubs

Venue Areas – part 1

Top Melbourne bars and pub

Venue Areas – part 2

Bars in Melbourne Australia

Live or Google map of venues

Melbourne pubs and bars in CBD and Docklands

Offline map of venues

Pubs and bars of Melbourne Australia

Venues by name, station or street

Pubs in Melbourne Victoria Australia

Venue details – part 1

Melbourne Australia pubs and bars

Venue details – part 2

Melbourne Australia bars and best pubs

Venue details – part 3


Best features in the Melbourne Pubs & Bars iPhone app

A special feature for a tourist – the app lets you tick each venue you visit so on your next trip you know you have been there, and can try something new.

Can’t decide where to go? We’ve selected what we think are some of Melbourne’s greatest bars and pubs. Choose one of our favourites for a truly fabulous venue.

Having a night out with friends, but don’t want to plan every step? Best Melbourne Bars & Pubs is an ideal app for you and your friends to catch up. SMS the venue name and address from the app to your friends. Take the hassle out of telling your mates where you are by making phone calls in noisy venues. SMS is simple to use and you can even add your own message to the venue details.

From feedback on our app so far is that tourists really appreciate the Offline Maps feature. With the Best Melbourne Pubs & Bars iPhone app, if you are visiting Australia for a few days you don’t need to get a data plan to be guided of the best bars and pubs in Melbourne.

Download the Best Melbourne Pubs & Bars iPhone app at the iTunes App Store now!



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