A lazy Melbourne Pub Crawl!

The east side of Melbourne’s CBD is a little quieter with fewer shops and more offices. During the weekend this area becomes very quiet and many visitors find that most of the night life opportunities are closed.  It is a little sad really as there are a few hotel options in this locality and travellers can be left wondering why did I come here.? But hidden away in some of the back streets and major roads that become quiet at the weekend, are some great pubs and bars. Here is our pick of some great bars to explore if you are in the east end of Melbourne’s CBD.

The Deck

Located off King Street, just north of Flinders Street and hidden down a back alley behind the pub, is a small rooftop bar called the Deck. This is an interesting little bar, although actually it is not that little, with a view out over the railway track to South Melbourne. Our first visit here was in the rain (so typical of Melbourne) so its appeal was not that great. But you cannot let a bit of rain mar your view on a bar!  So a few days later we returned to bask in glorious sunshine.



Highlander bar was a nice surprise when we stumbled upon its doors. Meeting the rather lovely lady owner, we chatted about her plans and the ambience of the bar. She told us about the proposed plans to create a rooftop bar, which last time we visited had not started. This is a sumptuous and sassy bar and is certainly a good place to take a first date!



The Mint

The Mint is a little bit more up market than many of the bars in the east end of Melbourne’s CBD and is handy to Flagstaff Gardens. Adjacent to a rather ornate historic building, there is a nice atmosphere to this place and a sort of a view over the tarmac to the adjacent building.



All these bars can be found easily in the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app.

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