On July 6th this year the legendary music venue, the Ding Dong Lounge, will reopen its doors to Melbourne’s music lovers. Closed a few years ago after a fire ripped through the German restaurant below, the venue has now been refurbished.

Billy Walsh, the sole owner and known in Melbourne for being the drummer in the Cosmic Psychos, is said to have conceived the idea for Ding Dong lounge after one-too-many margaritas at CBGB’s. You’ll have to ask Billy whether this is actually true or not. We haven’t spoken to him, so we don’t know if he is planning for some big names to be passing through, but with a heritage – including the likes of Noel Gallagher (who demanded to buy the bar), the White Stripes and a who’s who list of Melbourne bands – you can expect that this will return to being one of the places to be.

Reviews on the web indicate that once past the recognisable red neon sign, any similarities end there. Inside it is stated that:

you’ll be presented with Marc Bolan’s bedroom with booths.

Which is somewhat surprising as his bedroom was in the UK, but perhaps like Captain Cooks’ house, they brought it out brick-by-brick!?

We hear that an outdoor garden has been designed by the Dutch born vertical garden artist Joost and that they reckon this will be one of the “in” places for after work drinks. We’ll reserve our judgement until we have visited, but we wish Billy well in getting the Ding Dong Lounge back onto the Melbourne bar scene.

You can find the Ding Dong Lounge by downloading the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app.

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