1000 pond bend

Check out the delights behind the steel doors

One of my much-loved hang outs when in Melbourne is Thousand Pound Bend, at 361 Little Lonsdale Street. I used to think it was 1000 Pound Blend, as they are a café by day and cool bar at night. But Jonno corrected me – it is Bend, not Blend. Apart from the free wifi in Melbourne CBD, the large open spaces and cool music this café turned bar has a good vibe about it. Excellent coffee by day and a hip crowd adorning the bar at night.


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Close to Melbourne Central, this Melbourne café/bar is an old warehouse – hence the main area having a lot of room. Walk through the main area and you walk into a vast, open warehouse space. In here I have seen art exhibitions, break dancing competitions and even some comedy as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Versatile little bar indeed.


interior of 1000 pound bend

Great coffee, breakfast and beer in the arvo!

Chairs and tables are old school – some literally looking like they are from a country school house! You could easily walk past this Melbourne bar. While it is not tucked away on an old cobbled backstreet, the façade is very much warehouse in an industrial part of Melbourne CBD. Even with the limited breakfast menu we have found the fodder for brekkie or brunch not too bad for a CBD café.


The only downside is the smoker’s room which looks out onto Little Lonsdale Street often does not have the door to the main café/bar area properly closed, so smokes drifts in and can damage your experience. Nothing a door spring wouldn’t fix!


If you are looking for a cool Melbourne bar to park yourself for a few hours with a laptop on your own (the free wifi has worked pretty well the 4-5 times I have tried it), or are in with the current Melbourne youth scene, the Thousand Pound Bend bar is for you.  If you are on your own and want to do some work, and are sensitive to a bit of noise, be sure to pack your headphones as they can crank up the tunes – especially late afternoon as the coffee drinkers slowly get replaced by seasoned Melbourne bar drinkers.


little lonsdale st Melbourne

A friendly request!

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Walking along Little Lonsdale Street in the north end of Melbourne’s CBD, you may be forgiven for missing the 1,000£bend.  Little Lonsdale Street is a backstreet after all and is not that heavily used.  But sadly by not wandering the backstreets you are missing out on some of Melbourne’s cool bars and cafes.

Another of Melbourne's great cafes / bars

Trendy with an industrial feel

 1,000£bend – an odd name in a backstreet location!


Stumbling upon this funky gallery cafe-cum-bar in an old warehouse, you may think it is just a cafe , but out the back there is an exhibition area. Sadly whenever we have dropped in, there have been no exhibitions and to date the young lady who runs it has not got in contact to tell us “what’s it all about!” (a gentle prod!).

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With 1970s furniture and hippy soundtrack this is a great find on the side streets of Melbourne. An early morning breakfast with great coffee or a late afternoon beer, this place has it all.


Great bar cum cafe in Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

A friendly reminder!

Address: 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000

Phone: n/a

Web: n/a