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It is that time of year again when the Guinness taps get a thorough workout. St Patricks day has los

t its original meaning and is now a day to celebrate and adore all things Irish. From just wearing a green clover to filling the local river with green paint. Anything and everything can happen on St Patricks day. But most importantly, it’s a time to celebrate with a few Irish beers.

There is a new place just outside of the CBD that heralds itself to all things Irish, The Last Jar.

Every year on March 17, the Irish and Irish-at-heart come together across the globe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. What started as a religious holiday for the patron saint of Ireland has since become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with drinking, dancing and a whole lot of green.

So with this in mind, how about an Irish pub that has set out in pursuit of a real Irish St Patricks Day experience. No run-of-the-mill St Paddy’s Day clichés – theyare after a traditional Irish celebration; Guinness, Irish grub, live music and of course Guinness.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.12.05 pmWhat better way to kick off the day (and line the stomach) than with a full Irish Breakfast. Irish-owned and operated Gastropub, The Last Jar offers a full traditional Irish breakfast created by exec chef, Tim Sweeney who trained at a number of Michelin star restaurants across the UK and Ireland. With all the food made in house – from the dark soda bread to the freshly churned butter, a plate of bacon, eggs, sausage and black & white pudding it will give you the energy to raise that glass of Guinness all day.

Stick around at The Last Jar for an evening of live music, featuring local Melbourne band Streams of Whiskey and Galway Gyp-Hop band The Latchikos taking centre stage from 6pm.

The Last Jar

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Monday, 17 March 2014. Full Irish Brekky from 11:30 am onward
Live music including bands Streams of Whiskey and The Latchikos from 6:00 pm onward
Address: 616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000
Head Chef: Tim Sweeney
Phone: 03 9348 2957

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bah humbug again

On January 2, 2014, in CBD, by Jonno

Looking at the Calender on the wall it is hard to believe how quickly the year has gone. It’s just four weeks until Christmas and we are not ready. Well, to be honest we have never been ready and who really is? But of course the time of year does means going out for drinks and Melbourne has a lot of great venues to visit.

As Christmas falls in summer here (much to the disgust of the Poms) some of the best places to visit are outdoors. down on the banks of the Yarra River there is now a nice selection of pubs and bars. A great evening can be head starting off at the Riverside bar just over the road from Flinders Street station. Set on the banks of the river with granite steps up to the actual bar, the added end height give some nice aspects of the water. Follow the river downstream keeping to the city side and you’ll pass under the traffic bridge and be on the river side of flinders street station. Ahead you’ll see a footbridge crossing the river and on this bridge you will find the very nice Pony Fish Island.

Pony Fish Island is located on one of the bridge piers and is a narrow bar, but is right on the water. This is a great spot to pick up a cooling breeze off the river on a hot summers night. The bars has a younger feel and the stairs tend to keep the oldies away! Crossing the river to Southbank, there are a multiple of bars and cafes. Most of these venues are restaurants with bars and so often you may feel as though you should be having a meal. One of the more popular bars here is World (received quite a few “likes” in Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars).

If restaurant orientated bars is not what you fancy, then keep walking downstream and you’ll come across the Pop-Up bar. As its name suggests, this is not a permanent fixture and the bar expands on to the promenade of Southbank for the summer. With fake grass and a selection of seating, this is an odd bar, but one that is well worth the wander.

Further downstream you will find the Boatbuilders Yard, which is more of a pub style venue. We were not that impressed by this bar when we visited and even through it is nicely located on the edge of the river, it have few likes in Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars. Interestingly the most popular pub in this location is PJ O’Briens. Having often frequented this Irish pub, We can see why. The manager we met was gorgeous and charming and if her professional attitude extends to the staff, then the service will be excellent and the beer, well, the Irish are known for it – we don’t need to say anymore!

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Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars App now on iOS 7

On September 20, 2013, in CBD, by Jonno

With a few changes, the Best Melbourne Pubs and Bars app for iPhone has been updated for iOS 7.

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