There has been a lot of press coverage  about the soaring cost of a pint of beer in Perth WA. It is standard now to pay $10 for a pint of premium beer such as Little Creatures or Fat Yak. The east coast press has jumped on this and branded everyone in the west as rich. Publicans in Sydney has been on the telly stating that there is no way people over in the east would pay those sorts of prices.

Are West Australians the richest in Australia? 

So I was rather surprised in the Carlton Hotel in Melbourne to be asked for two more dollars to my twenty dollar bill I proffered in payment of two pints of Fat Yak. Yes that is $11 for a pint of beer. No longer is the east a place of cheap beer, unless you travel north a bit to Asia, then there is plenty of cheap beer! But it is nice to see that people on the east coast of Australia are obviously as rich as people in the west coast.

On a world stage, Australia is perhaps becoming the most expensive place to buy beer. And it’s not helped by the soaring Australian dollar. Browsing the web, Studentbeans suggests the 10 most expensive countries for a beer are:

  1. Greenland £7.35
  2. Norway £6.78
  3. Qatar £6.00
  4. Djibouti £5.47
  5. Singapore £5.04
  6. United Arab Emirates £5.02
  7. France £5.00
  8. Sweden £5.00
  9. United_Arab_Emirates £4.86
  10. Guadeloupe £4.80

$11 is currently £7.44, making Australia top of the list!

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